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Toy Car Drifting : Car Racing

Разработчик Mapi Games

It is an adventurous car racing game that can be easily installed in every Android handset devices to play comfortably. It is specially designed to amuse users of all age group and gender. Users will enjoy the driving experience in rugged terrain and tackling the drivers of opponent teams. The game tests the users’ general aptitude and awareness level. No doubt it is an exciting game and now we shall describe this game in detail.Features:
1. You can see various modernized gaming styles and difficult gaming instances 2. The modernized features test the gaming capacity of various users3. User needs to choose their own car and repair it themselves4. User will ride their car in renowned racing tracks of the world5. Before the start of the actual race, user can practice as per their choice6. Realistic racing environment7. Gaming instructions are all in English language8. Winners will receive surplus prize money9. Participants can build their own cars with unique features10. Participants can enjoy amazing musical tracks while racing11. Compete in Worldwide Leaderboards
How to play:
1. User needs apply the main key to drift the car.2. You need to have a proper control of the car and move the phone intelligently while it moves left and right 3. Users need to select the racing track of his choice4. Users need to set the engine capacity while playing5. To bring the car back into the track users need to have a proper control of the screen and drag the car straight on the tracks 6. To change the angle of drifting use of arrow keys are essential7. It is important to keep the focus on the middle of the tracks while drifting the car
Reasons which make it different
Toy Car Drifting is a unique game because it gives a feeling of participating in a real car racing tournament to the users. This game tests the courage and general intelligence of the player while driving in adverse environment. Users cannot afford to make any single mistake to sustain in this racing game. Besides, player has the opportunity to regulate the speed of the racing car unlike to that of other racing games.